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SLAKE Coffee

Peru - Fair Trade Organic

Peru - Fair Trade Organic

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This coffee comes from Northeastern Peru in the Cajamarca region.  A wonderfully sweet, full bodied coffee with notes of pecan and grapefruit.

This coffee comes from Lima Coffee.  Rony Lavan, president of the Lima Coffees exporting organization,  has established himself as standing at the fore of microlot-quality coffees in Cajamarca. His first year with Lima Coffees, he entered the national competition and won.

Around 90,000 hectares of coffee farmland in Peru is certified organic, and it is one of the places with the highest percentage of certified-organic exported coffee in the world. It is estimated that 25–30% of the smallholder farmers in Peru are members of democratically organized cooperatives and associations, making it easy to source FTO-certified lots.  And although we are not yet certified organic coffee roasters, rest assured that this coffee has met the stringent requirements for organic production.

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