We roast our green beans to a wide range of roast levels but what does not vary is our goal to achieve balance. We strive to achieve balance between the coffee’s natural acidity, the caramelized sugars developed in the roasting process, the body, the flavor and the aftertaste. We affect these elements through precise control of the roast temperature throughout the duration, arriving at an ideal temperature curve or “roast profile” to achieve a balanced coffee. We apply this principle to all roasts, from the lightest City roast to the darkest French roast. The result is diverse styles of coffee that all truly satisfy.


We continuously develop our roasting knowledge through courses offered by the SCAA, Roasters Guild and other entities and by staying up with current trends and issues in the global coffee community with trade articles and publications.  We further develop our evaluation skills through daily cuppings of our own coffees, as well as prospective new offerings and other roasters efforts. By these efforts we prepare ourselves to create great coffee.

Green Bean Selection

Sourcing excellent green beans is one of our great joys.  We work with a number of experienced importers who know of our preferences for each country of origin.  We roast samples routinely and cup and re-cup in an effort to find the right roast profile that best showcases the aspects of each coffee. 

Profile Roasting 

Before a coffee is ready to be released, we have roasted it numerous times to develop an optimum roast profile.  Each roast profile is developed for that specific bean for the purpose of exploring the changes to body, mouth feel, flavor, acidity, sweetness, and aftertaste.  Only after many profiles, do we decide on a given plan for that bean.


During the Roast Profiling phase, we cup each profile meticulously.  We document our experience with each profile by taking note of a variety of olfactory sensations, assigning a numerical assessment to each parameter, and identifying our personal preferences as well.  Only after we have a consensus of opinion, do we release a coffee for production roasting.

Release & Adjust

Once a coffee is in production, we monitor its development and re-assess on a weekly basis.  We use customer input, and our cupping protocols to make small adjustments as necessary.  All of these steps are a part of a process to assure an excellent cup of coffee.


Slake Coffee is a small-batch roastery located on the Central Coast of California. Our goal with every coffee we roast is to live up to our namesake and create coffees that truly satisfy. We achieve that goal by pursuing every expression of the bean, from bright, complex light roasts to caramelized, smoky dark roasts. Regardless of roast level we develop specific roast profiles for every coffee based on the inherent qualities of the bean.

Slake Coffee’s roots trace back to 2005 when owner Tom Walsh began commercially roasting in Cambria, California as Cambria Coffee Roasting Company (CCRC). Over the last ten years CCRC has enjoyed affirmation from the local community and the larger coffee community with awards for espresso and single origin offerings. 

Today Tom Walsh, lead roaster Melanie Cashdan and sales lead Tom Richardson continue the CCRC roasting tradition under the Slake name.


Central Coast

(Santa Barbara to Paso Robles):
Thomas Richardson
Central Coast Refreshments

Southern California

(Ventura to Orange County):
Dan Rhoden
Restaurant Tea Service

Everywhere Else

(National & International):
Tom Walsh
Slake Coffee