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Colombia Gran Galope

Colombia Gran Galope

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Excelso Gran Galope

Gran Galope was born after the creation of “Regional Select”, which was our Importers way of highlighting the distinct regional differences they saw coming out of Colombia. They heard from producers that they wanted to sell  more of their coffee, and Gran Galope as a program allows them to buy more and pay more along the larger quality spectrum for high quality coffees from these hardworking men and women in Colombia. 

Gran Galope lots are Excelso grade coffees (15/16 screen size) that have been cupped and evaluated for their "workhorse" versatility. These lots are expected to have a balance of sweetness, fruity effervescence, and a foundation of cocoa and/or toffee. Most Excelso Gran Galope offerings are a blend of coffees from between 10–30 smallholder farmers and are traceable to the region. Gran Galope selections from Huila are cupped and purchased in Pitalito; selections from Cauca are cupped and purchased in Popayán; and Narińo Gran Galopes are cupped and purchased in both Pasto and La Unión.

Try our Gran Galope today and you will be impressed with the aroma, flavor and quality in your cup. 

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